The power of self reflection and a growth mindset

Lessons in life don’t come for free. Failure can lead to a loss of status, self-worth, and friendships. It can lead to immense emotional, physical, and financial distress. That is why I believe many fear failure.

When you can change perspective, identify your weaknesses, strengthening them by being an active participant in your brain, body and spirits growth with a quest for knowledge and maturation.

You not only get to digest, but you get to fully absorb and integrate these valuable lessons.

That’s what makes the associated short term pain that stems from failure worth it. Making every decision & experience truly “risk free” (within reason).

Because no matter what, when you have perspective and practice self-reflection you will always be able to take away valuable lessons even from your most disastrous defeats.

Tip for Self-Reflection:

Attempt to take a step out of your own shoes. Reflect on past decisions with an open mind, do not overly critique or look down upon negative things. Rather with an open mind see the 'mistakes' only as they are, extract the lesson from them and move on. You are not a finished product, you’re a work in progress growing stronger after each extraction of a hard earned lesson.

Learn from your mistakes, stay fast in your current morals, values, principles, and always have integrity.

Sources I enjoy on the topics of mindset & actionable insights from neuroscience: 

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck

Andrew Huberman

Lisa Feldman Barrett