The future of mobile esports

This is a topic that our current esports community seems to be torn on. Here are the two questions we all must answer; are mobile gamer’s real gamers and what implications can be drawn from the rise of mobile esports?

Of course the first question is a bit silly, but I think it’s a profound question that highlights what is now becoming a dated stigma about mobile gamers. I’m here to put that to rest, mobile gamers are REAL GAMERS too.

Three time world championship winning Impact Gaming Gun's of Boom roster dominating as they tended to do often.

The same way that all “Gamers” over the last decade have had to overcome a relatively negative “Gamer Stigma”, mobile gamers are going through their evolutionary progression, of overcoming a societal stigma.

In 2019 I overcame that stigma first hand when I brought Impact Gaming into what would later be, a 2019 breakout esport of the year nominee “Guns of Boom”. It was our first ever expansion into mobile esports and boy did we make a splash. Impact dominated domestically and internationally, racking in three consecutive championships and over $100,000 in prize pool earnings.

This firsthand experience opened my eyes to an entirely new esport platform, the same feelings of excitement I got when watching battle royale, league of legends, CS:GO, and every other console / PC based esport I felt while watching Guns of Boom.

At its core it was still a fun and exciting competition. Was it weird/new seeing gamers on phones on a main stage? Hell yes it was, but the second competition got underway all I felt was the pure excitement of watching the team I cared about, do everything in their power to win!!

In conclusion

In my opinion the future of mobile esports is not just bright, but it could one day be the most popular esports platform for gamers worldwide. Humans globally, generally have access to mobile phones with enough computing power to play mobile competitive games. The same cannot be said about access to high end gaming computers / consoles that are required to run titles like CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, or Call of Duty.

For this simple reason, I think it’s only a matter of time until Mobile Esports is not just main stream, but the hot topic that we all are talking about.